Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Photo Challenge: #Myshot-African Cats

Photo Challenge: #Myshot-African Cats

Photographing African Cats but it is an amazing and thrilling experience where you learn something new with each image you take. The photographic possibilities are endless, which make the challenge even greater.

As a photographer, I believe in not just coming home with beautiful photographs, but to learn as much as I can. What better way to tell a visual story and to learn about the behavior of the animal.

We had a tough time choosing the top five images since their were beautiful submissions. Thank you for all who contributed and please keep sharing in our new challenges to come.

1. By Werner Dippenaar Photography

Photo taken in the Madikwe game reserve. We followed this coalition of four male Cheetah one morning as they came down to the Marico river to quench their thirsts.

2. By Dan Pawson

This boy came strolling over the dune in the Kgalagadi

3. Megan Dreyer : 24 Atlantic

Sunlight Whiskers – Kalagadi

4. By Corinna Findling-Zolper

Taken in Aug. 2014 while in the Masai Mara with David Lloyd.

5. Kim Smith Photography

Leopard Portrait Taken in Masai Mara, Kenya

6. By Naude Dreyer

This is the same male from the previous post, seen the next day. He was resting with some females after killing a zebra. It was very cloudy, so I opted for BandW instead.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Landscape Photography in Namibia

 If landscapes and remote wildernesses are your passions, then Namibia is a country after your own heart. Namibia is an African country like no other and she offers photographic landscape opportunities like no other during the day and even more so at night.

Namibia is a massive, desolate landscape and boasts the title of the 4th least populated country in the world with one person per square kilometer. Namibia will demand that you spread your tripod legs and stretch your histogram to its limit. What awaits you is a vast unpopulated wilderness rich in diversity and full of creative possibilities.

The Namib Rand provide the perfect backdrop for amateur and professional photographers alike. The incredible and abundant contrasts of color and geology the landscapes will give ample opportunity for the perfect shot. The Namib Rand Nature Reserve, located in southern Namibia, is a private nature reserve established to help protect and conserve the unique ecology and wildlife of the south-west Namib Desert.

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